"Proven oilfield performance.”


Our Drilling Jars remain one of the most versatile, reliable and safe assembly systems in the oilfield industry. Dyno-Jars are designed for a wide range of drilling applications to meet the demands of high-temperature, extreme and extended use during drilling procedures.


Dyno-Jars have a longer stroke length, which increases the oil flow in the top of the tool, creating greater jarring impact without additional pulling on the drill string. Pressure compensation ensures pull accuracy, zero pressure differential and increased seal life.


Dyno-Jar’s unique latch design provides better wear characteristics that withstand extended jarring operations, and they can fit most standard mouse holes, making connection to drill string assemblies easier.



  • Long operational life, and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Hydraulic time delay feature which gives control of the impact load and also makes the hoisting equipment safe against any possible damages. 
  • Mechanical lock on the jar prevents accidental firing. 
  • Large internal diameter which allows high volumes of fluid passage while maintaining optimum strength in the jar.
  • Can be operated in either tension or compression mode.